Everyone Loves Sea


Life on the Earth has started in the sea. Probably that is why almost all people are so attracted to it. We love being in salty water, smelling the mixture of salt and algae, listening to waves and watching beautiful blue and green hues glittering in the sun.

Seaside is one of the most popular places to spend vacation. People swim, sail or just watch. It goes without saying that warm places are much more popular as water is cooler than air so only warmer seas are suitable for swimming. But the fact that water changes its temperature slowlier brings one more benefit that also makes beaches great summer vacation spots: even air near large waters is not as hot as in dry areas and if it is still too hot, you can cool down by swimming.

Some warm places close to sea depend economically on tourist traffic. Their infrastructure is made for it and some towns have more hotel rooms and vacation houses than ordinary homes. During the tourist season, visitors outnumber locals.

Hawaii is probably one of the most known and celebrated vacation spots. Big waves around those islands are great for surfing. You can also canoe, dive or watch whales and volcanos. The latter have created the curious black sand on some parts of Hawai. Another funny beach is one where sand produces barking sounds when you walk on it.

Although not that iconic, Istria is also a popular destination. Located to the East from Adriatic sea, which is a part of Mediterranean sea, it has a long beach with many islands. The sea is mostly warm enough to swim in summer and is one of the safest in the world as there are almost no deadly jellyfish or other poisonous animals.

There are countless other great places to relax on a beach. Each one has something special about it.